Raw File Formats Section


This file format section describes programming information and data specifications for a variety of "raw" formats in photography, generic graphics, audio and other uses often known as "raw files". These files have the raw file extension.


Raw formats are often created out of immediate needs to process information which no standardized format exists in professional and scientific areas. Normally, if the data within is textual in nature, XML or other homoiconic representational syntax (such as Lisp, Lua object notations or JSON) is used instead, however, the domains where raw formats are used are more often data acquired by sensors, synthesized by algorithms and heuristics, or other numeric and sequential type of information which would make an XML file needlessly space consuming.

This section has been split into respective types of raw file formats, that is, in photography, audio, graphics and miscellaneous uses.

  1. Raw Digital Photography File Formats
  2. Raw Audio File Formats
  3. Raw Generic Graphics File Formats
  4. Miscellaneous Raw File Formats

Disclaimer: The information presented here is for informational purposes only. Please note that I am not the person, and Iím not involved with the one(s), who made the file formats.