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Buzz Overloader and Classic Packs

The Buzz Overloader and Jeskola Buzz related stuff that previously used to be on buzz format dot com for some time is now on this page, the overloader.7z file contains 1.5P4 and the earlier 1.5O2 and 1.5N, as well as nboverloader supplement.

Note this does not work with new Buzz builds, this stuff is obsolete, is unsupported, and only kept in case someone needs it for some reason. You are better off using a new Buzz build which has many improvements over what old Buzz+Overloader has to offer.

2024 update: changed all archives to zip and 7z.

Excerpts from README.txt in overloader.7z:


Website: http://www.edwardlblake.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/edwardlblake

New Buzz Overloader Patch (Beta)

New Buzz Overloader Patch is a patch to the previous Overloader distribution for new buzz builds.

nboverloader.zip  New Buzz Overloader patch
srctempcmi.zip  Source for TempCMIAdd

    CyanPhase New Buzz Overloader

    Because of popular demand, I'll try to get Overloader working on
    New Buzz builds.

    This _should_ work (tried with build 1047):

    1. Place CyanPhase New Buzz Overloader.dll into your Gear folder

    2. Place 00TempCMIAdd.dll into your Effects folder

    3. To use overloader in its fullest, you need to load the 00TempCMIAdd
       (the zeros make it easy to access from double click).

    TempCMIAdd implies this will be temporary, Overloader really requires
    access to an instance of CMICallbacks to do its things, in previous
    Overloaders a fixed instance of CMICallbacks was available at a
    specific memory address. Now eventually Buzz will need to call the
    SetMICallbacks function exported from Overloader's dll to set this:

    __declspec(dllexport) void __cdecl SetMICallbacks(CMICallbacks * cmi);

Overloader Distribution

The Buzz Overloader Distribution is a set of extensions designed for Jeskola Buzz.

You can find the latest Overloader here.

buzzol150p4.zip  Overloader 1.5P4

Old Releases:

buzzol150o2.zip  Overloader 1.5O2
buzzol150n.zip   Overloader 1.5N


_About Overloader 1.5P4:_ Shouldn't crash on startup anymore on some Buzz
setups (please try this if your Buzz crashed on startup with the previous
Overloader 1.5P, but worked well with Overloader 1.5M bundled with the Buzz
Pack). It might be a bit faster to load as well compared to Overloader 1.5P.
There two new switches for debugging: overload_disablesplash and
overload_disabledlls. To use them, add these to oloadset.ini:


_About Overloader 1.5P:_ Overloader 1.5P has memory allocated differently
for some things. Relying much more on dynamic allocation than pre-allocated
arrays, this means that memory usage should be lower than with
Overloader 1.5O2. Overloader 1.5P also now reintroduced the "h1" code, but
now presents a more useful dialog box which
provides a chance to block routing activity and show the Save As... dialog.

The Recorder system has been upgraded to 200, which the API handles as
64-bit floating point instead of 32-bit floating point, the 64-bit
resolution won't benefit Buzz directly (since Buzz is still 32-bit
internally); however, the same Recorder system is going to be used with
Nakalyne, and newer Recorders (version 200) will handle 64-bit audio, so
future Recorders will still work with Overloader.

Because of these major changes there can be bugs that creeped in, so O
is still around. Do contact me about problems.