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  1. Revamp!

    A new revamp of the site, it is no longer a detour anymore.

Project: Audio Plugins

Audio plugins

Audio plugins extend music software with new sound generating and effect possibilities.

Project: Music Directory


A variety of electronic music I've made, most of it in Jeskola Buzz. The music is organizedin albums based mostly on their age and then style. In terms of feel, circonfules is more bothdowntempo and IDM-like, and the earlier albums are more techno-like.

Project: Zine


A new periodical audio tracker related zine here on cyanwerks.

Resource: Articles


This page contains a set of articles about various, mostly technical, things.

Old Projects

Project: Buzz Overloader


Buzz Overloader was an extension system for earlier versions of Jeskola Buzzthat dynamically patches, overrides, replaces features.

Resource: Buzz Development


This sub-site provides a variety of resources and information about programmingon the Jeskola Buzz platform, including a listing of machines that come withsource, articles about some internals, and relevant links.


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